Daily Thought

Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.

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Board of Directors:

- Mr. John Prabudoss, President

- Dr. K. P. Verghese, Vice-President

- Dr. Angeline Lazarus, General Secretary

- Mr. Thilak George, Joint Secretary

- Dr. Raj Sampson, Treasurer

- Mr. Mike Massand, Joint-Treasurer

Members At Large:

- Mr. George Abraham

- Rev. Itty Abraham

- Rev. Wilson Jose

- Rev. Johnson Raju

- Mr. Agnelo Gonsalvas

- Dr. Sheba Kulothungan

Regional Vice-Presidents:

- Mr. Susai Anthony

- Dr. Solomon Christian

- Dr. Verghese Chacko

- Mr. Linus Taylor

- Ms. Radha White

- Mr. Kulo Lazarus

Former Presidents:

- Dr. Fred Semendy(2001-2002)

- Dr. Jay Pallekonda(2002-2003)

- Dr. Bernard Malik(2003-2006)

- Late Dr. Joseph Nidiry(2006-2007)

- Dr. Bernard Malik(2007-2008)

- Late Mr. Abraham Mammen(2008-2013)


Do you think U.S. Government and mainstream media has been reluctant to address the issues of attacks on Christians worldwide, especially in Christian dominated countries?