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Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.

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Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations is a coalition of various Christian organizations of Indian Americans in North America.

The Federation is also open to membership from individuals who may or may not belong to an organization that is exclusively formed for the spiritual or cultural benefit of Indian American Christians.

The Federation is comprised of Indian American Christian Church organizations and organizations of Indian Christian laity and individual Indian American Christians who opt to join the Federation.

FIACONA is a cultural and ethnic organization. It is neither a spiritual nor a religious organization. It identifies itself as a Christian organization for the purpose of the socio-religious and cultural identity of its members who are of Christian faith as opposed to members of any other faiths.

The Federation invites Christian organizations of non-Indian origin, who share the Federation's vision, its goals and its objectives, as its associate members.

The Federation counts over 450,000 people among its members (Indian American Christians), living in every single states in the US and Canada. Besides those Indian American Christians, the Federation also counts support from several thousand Christian churches and movements across the US in every single state and county.

Protecting the interest of two thousand year old Indian Christian church; and ensuring their social space which they have in the society besides the safety of every single person, is paramount to the Organization.

FIACONA is a voluntary, cultural and charitable organization with an emphasis on advocacy on behalf of the persecuted Christians. FIACONA promotes freedom of Faith/expression for all sections of the people. At the same time, FIACONA is also deeply concerned about the increasing violence against Christian population in India from certain radical right wing groups. Threats to the multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious fabric of the Indian society from these "cultural nationalist groups" and their network outside of India, remains a serious concern for the Federation.

FIACONA discourages attempts by any cultural or political forces in India and elsewhere, to define and treat the largest democracy as a homogeneous entity with scant regard for the rich and deep cultural diversity of that ancient land.

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Do you think U.S. Government and mainstream media has been reluctant to address the issues of attacks on Christians worldwide, especially in Christian dominated countries?